stacy betman

Update from Stacy Betman – Video Message

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to share a video update on Stacy Betman from her today.  Everyday is a miracle that she can wake up and get out of bed.  All of us at Team Stacy are so thankful to God that she is alive. We have all come to know Stacy over the years and due to her loving spirit and warm heart of compassion in helping others and serving the community have seen first hand how caring she is in giving a helping hand.  That is why we are on Team Stacy and trying to get the word out so she can find a live kidney donor.  We know that the right person is just around the corner.

Here is a brief video message from Stacy Betman.  It is just a little video to see her and for her to share how she is doing today.

We encourage everyone to learn more about Organ donation. It is something that can save lives.  All of us here at Team Stacy are strong proponents of educating people not only about the need for a Kidney for Stacy Betman, but also the need for others to learn the value of organ donation.  We encourage you to read more at Donate Life and learn more on how you can save lives with organ donation.

Please check out the video below on Stacy Betman