We at “Team Stacy” – friends of Stacy Betman who is in renal failure and in dire need of a kidney transplant.  Team Stacy is spreading the word about our friend because we know that somewhere, there is a loving soul who will step forward to give her the gift of life.  Our job is to let people know about her need for a kidney donor and to raise funds towards transplant costs.  Help us help Stacy!

HOW YOU CAN HELP Stcy Betman –  Give, Pray, & Share this story!

Team Stacy is raising money to help with transplant expenses and recovery costs.  Insurance covers surgery for Stacy and the donor. However, other donor expenses include transportation fees,  salary compensation,  food and accommodations,  and more.  Other considerations are Stacy’s loss of income during the transplant recovery period.

Please give what you can – no amount is too large or too small!

We have set an achievable amount to get started and let potential donors know that funds are available to help pay for kidney donation expenses.  We don’t know when, or how, a kidney will come to  Stacy but we want to be prepared when it does and may do an additional campaign in the future.  Please share this story and pray for Stacy.


Stacy is a 48-year old loving, compassionate medical social worker from South Florida.  As a social worker, Stacy has served people  struggling with cancer, organ failure, terminal illnesses, HIV, Alzheimer’s, dialysis, domestic abuse and more.  She has advocated for people who need support services. Stacy has always gone above and beyond to help patients. Daily, she generously spent extra hours of unpaid personal time with people who needed kindness and a listening ear.  She offers the same love to friends and family.

Now Stacy needs OUR help.  Stacy is unable to work due to declining kidney health. Her dream is to return to a life of service to others — this requires financial contributions to cover costs associated with a transplant as well as a living kidney donor.  

Stacy’s current kidney function is 11%.  She’s been on the donor list since 2018 and the doctor says her best chance for a healthy life is a living kidney donor.  She’s also a candidate for a deceased organ donation.


Thank you for your consideration and for your help in reaching this goal.  To find out if you’re a match, contact the Cleveland Clinic Living Donor Coordinator: 954.659.5133.