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Stacy Betman

Stacy Betman was born in New Haven, Connecticut at the Yale New Haven Hospital. Stacy was born as a premature baby weighing in at 4.6 lbs at birth.  You can say that she was born being a fighter, since arriving out of  the womb.  Stacy was born to loving parents,  Jeff Betman and Myrna Betman, who were both born and raised in New Haven Connecticut. Her family moved to South Florida when she was growing up due her Dad’s job relocation.  They settled in the beautiful Coral Springs Community and  that is where they lived as a family until her Dad died of lung cancer at the young age of 51. 

Stacy’s parents instilled in her the values of helping others and the community.  She volunteered to help local community outreach projects as a child.  She always had compassion and love for those that were less fortunate. It was never uncommon to find Stacy trying to find a home for a stray cat or a puppy.  Stacy was the little girl that believed there was a home and love for every animal.  She was fortunate to have parents that allowed her to have her very own pets to love and bring home.  Since Stacy was an only child, her pets had an even more special place in her heart. One of her first pets was a kitten, named TeeTee, a tabby cat that was a part of the Betman family for 17 long years. An ardent supporter of finding pets homes from the Humane Society, Stacy and her mom Myrna, adopted a beautiful cat Ruffles from the Humane Society that was with the family for 17 years. Recently, she lost her beagle Maddie of 7 years.

Stacy, as a little girl was in ballet for several years and had the dreams of becoming a ballerina.  After several years in ballet, Stacy had to give up her dreams of being a ballerina due to an illness called Brittle Bone Disease.  This would be the beginning of a new lifestyle after being diagnosed.  Over the years Stacy learned to overcome this and managed to make the best of everything. 

Stacy was an active and outgoing student in Coral Springs High School. She was involved in Students Against Drunk Driving, The Pep Club and the Spanish Club. After graduating from High School, Stacy decided to stay local and attend Florida Atlantic University for a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sociology. After working in the field of Psychology, decided to get a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology. Stacy Betman worked with several large organizations in the field of psychology from University of Chattanooga Tennessee. Always yearning to do more for society, Stacy decided that she wanted to find a way to help people the most in her career. After careful research she chose the admirable field of social work.  This meant that Stacy had to go to school all over again to earn new credentials. Determined as ever, Stacy did not give up, she researched programs and decided to go back to her Alma Mater, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.  She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Social Work. She went on to pursue her Masters in Social Work from Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

Over the years, Stacy Betman, has worked at several major health care organizations in South Florida. Stacy has passionately assisted individuals from all walks of life, both young and old.

We encourage everyone to get involved and find out if they are able to donate a kidney.  Please contact The Cleveland Clinic Donor Coordinator at 954-659-6770 for more information on being a Living Kidney Donor for Stacy Betman.