July 1, 2019


An Open Call to help Stacy Betman find a Kidney

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Stacy Betman is a 47 year old medical social worker who lives in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She is in renal (kidney) failure and is in need of a kidney transplant. At the time of writing this, her kidney function is 11%. Her doctor is surprised that she is still managing at this level of kidney function, and it is important that she find a kidney as soon as possible.

Stacy Betman

You can help in 4 ways:


Consider Kidney Donation

If this is something you are interested and willing to do, or if you are needing more information about potentially becoming Stacy’s kidney donor, please contact:

Cleveland Clinic – Living Donor Coordinator: 954-659-6770
Stacy Betman: 954-732-6730

Email: connect@akidneyforstacy.com



Share this post and the website

Share the page AKidneyForStacy.com with friends and colleagues by e-mail, and via your Facebook page, and other social media networks you are a part of. The more people who hear about it, the more chance there is to find a life saving kidney for Stacy. Taking the time to do this could really help Stacy with the search for a kidney. Please remember when you are posting, to ask people to share and help get the word out.


Spread the word in your community

Talk about it with friends
Talk about it in your community


Keep Stacy in your prayers

Importance of a living donor

Stacy’s only other option is dialysis which not only provides a very diminished quality of life, but also has other risks for Stacy. As such, given her very low kidney function, finding a kidney fast is imperative. Additionally finding a living donor kidney would greatly improve Stacy’s chances over waiting for a deceased donor, as living donor kidney transplants lasts twice as long and are more successful.

Here is a video message from Stacy Betman talking about her experience:


Stacy’s insurance covers the medical expenses for the transplant and other expenses (e.g. air fare, food, etc.) will be covered by Stacy or may be covered by the National Living Donor Assistance Center.

To Speak with Someone Confidentially

Cleveland Clinic – Living Donor Coordinator: 954-659-6770


If you are considering kidney donation, or have some inquiries or information, please fill in the form below or email connect@akidneyforstacy.com. Thank you!

We thank you for your kind consideration and assistance

Stacy’s Friends on Behalf of Stacy and Her Very Worried Mother Myrna

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